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Greetings, music lovers! Do you wanna talk about quality music? Let's talk.. or better let's listen. What, still listening to MP3s? That’s adorable. As fans of the music like you, who know a lot about music, we think it’s our duty to tell you there’s a better way. It’s called vinyl record.

Yea, vinyl it’s still very much alive. It didn’t die when Elvis Presley did and is vastly more preferable to listening to music in a digital format. Come, climb on my fixie. We’ll take a trip to the record world, and we’ll tell you our reasons why you should ditch digital for 12″ vinyl records.

"A lot of people got tired of the mp3 formats and it being an invisible product. With vinyl, you have this 12-by-12-inch artwork and then you hear the deep, rich sound" - says D.B. Hall, owner of College Hi Fi Home Audio.

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