Wedding First Dance Songs: Best Wedding Music


A wedding is meant to bind two people as one to live together and continue with their generation as a couple. After choosing invitations, ordering the cake, making your gown ready for the big day and you finally reach your final stage of preparation, what else will you think of to have remained? Being ready with the best songs will make your day more outstanding. Music will always be a sign of a wedding in a church or anywhere with one of the wedding songs. Wedding music will always tell a story from the beginning to the end of the wedding where beautiful emotions will be created in the atmosphere.

After preparing everything for the wedding, a couple should always prepare a playlist for their big event. Prelude songs, wedding processional, entrance and recessional songs should be prepared separate to avoid unnecessary confusions. While music you can either decide on jazz, pop, rock, hip hop or any either perfect mix for the event, it can be hard to please anyone, but music is one part where one tries so much to come up with the best. You can ask for suggestions from friend and even relatives who have once engaged in a wedding to help.

To make your day an unforgettable and auspicious you have to go creative with the list of best wedding songs mentioned below;.

  • All of me - John Legend
    It is a beautiful song which feels one with love and is one of the best songs played on wedding with the best lyrics.
  • Just the way you are -Bruno mars
    As much as most wedding are celebrated none has ended without the song being played. The magic of the song is felt by everyone as it can be played anywhere from the beginning to the end.
  • Xo-Beyoncé
    It describes the dreams and all the longings of the bride
  • Let’s get married - Jagged Edge
    Playing this type of song will make every couple to feel how they would have felt when they would have been at the alter where you will be standing at the moment.
  • How long will I love you - Ellie Goulding
    Just like this artist is describing it, weddings are held with the hope and desire of lasting in the relationship forever.

The best thing you should do is look for a good dj who will help be with the order and knows the type of songs to be played on every part.